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Tonight feels weird, just did the census, had a good an productive day at work, and with the exception of the pasta, my evening meal and desert was entirely home cooked and delicious (although I stuffed up the flavours of the apple in the apple crumble slightly)

The rest of the household arrived back this morning, so the house feels full again, just as i was getting used to it being empty and growing to love the freedom offered by living alone.

The extended family was even over, or maybe that's the wrong term to use in this post Michelle environ. Arrgh stuff it they still feel like family to me. Although i noticed that Michelle's parents were a little more cautious around me than previously now they've seen Michelle and met her on again off again new partner.

All in all it should have felt like a pretty normal night. The house was full, I had to scramble for spots on the stove for the first time in 5 weeks.

But there's something missing. Right now I'd normally be tossing up whether to stay up that extra half an hour to watch it live or to tape it. I'm referring to Buffy which has over the past two and a half years become such a mainstay in my life I'm constantly amazed I never got into it earlier.

Channel Seven hasn't even got the decency to lull us into a soft withdrawal with some repeats. Plain and simple, last week buffy dies in one of the best season finales so far. The next week we're supposed to forget Buffy exists till next Feb and the ratings begin anew.

No more being late to work on Wednesdays with the familar excuse - stayed up to watch buffy! I'm lucky enough to have a boss who also loves Buffy so that one went over well every time!

What to do on a tuesday night? I feel a bit lost.

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