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Well, I am now technically on holidays for a week

So far it doesn't really feel like it. Christmas has an ability to make holiday not fun at least for me.

My attitude in regards to Christmas is kind of "When in Rome" I am definitely not a Christian, I have no belief in God, but in order to not make waves, I buy presents and celebrate Christmas.

Christmas should be nice/interesting this year, looks like for most of Christmas day it will be just my sister, Helen and I alone at my Aunt's place.

the nicest thing about this time of year is the way people you haven't had anything to do with for months take the time to say hello.

I caught up wih Michael (who I will always think of as Billy) & Adrielle, then saw Chris & Natalie, who also invited Nick along, which was a surprise for me as I thought Chris and Nick had a falling out.

Work of course intervened and I have spent most of the evening working. Now I can't sleep and I'm supposed to be driving to Taree in a few short hours.

A whole week without internet, mobile phones and computers (at least in theory, this project i'm involved with @ work will probably nix this) if I achieve this, it will probably be really good for me. Theraputic.

The New Year bodes house moving, possible purchase of a new computer (I commented to Dave how the latest Powerbook now has everything I want from a laptop finally)

Take care Sydney, see you in time to count in the new year!


at this time of year, often all one thinks about are lists.

For those who celebrate Christmas, lists of people to buy presents for.

For those who work, lists of tasks to complete before the end of the year/holidays.

And those who avidly follow music, film, literature or somesuch interest, best of lists for the year that is about to come to a close.

For me, I love music. So here is my list of favourites for the year of 2001

  1. Nathaniel Merriweather Presents: Lovage, music to make love to your old lady by
  2. Ulver: Perdition City
  3. Diabolical Masquerade: Death's Design
  4. Elefant Tracks presents: The Herd
  5. Fantomas: Director's Cut

Last week, on 13 December, Chuck Schuldiner - vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and founding member of the seminal band Death died after a long fight with a brain tumor.

It is widely agreed that the subgenre Death Metal took it's name from this band.

I still recall the first time I hear Death, as a teenager one of my mates (incidentally yet another David) played me their breakthrough album Spiritual Healing. I was blown away by the intensity but the innovations littered throughout that album were what stayed with me.

Years later, after exploring many other regions of metal. I rediscovered Death with their Symbolic and Individual Thought Patterns albums. Death had progressed down a much more technical path, abandoning their gore orientated lyrics for those that dealt with deeper human issues.

Although not music I listen to everyday, Death's music has an ability to move me as any true classic should.

I am saddened to hear of Chuck's death, I really had hoped he could fight this disease. The music world has lost one of it's true innovators.

The following news article has more information: Death Frontman Chuck Schuldiner Dies

Speaking of growing old, I'm personally quite comfortable with getting older. Sure even now there are things I have already lost the ability to do. What people fail to recognise is that there are also many pleasures one needs the passing of years to be able to fully enjoy.

I was talking to Dave on the weekend, he suggested it would be nice to have absolute control over the aging process so one could say grow physically older overnight and then revert back to the body of a 21 year old or whatever.

This is all well and good, but could someone who is only mentally 25 deal with being physically 80. This is of course a concept well explored in science fiction. One of the best I have read is Holy Fire by Bruce Sterling

Regardless of all this, I have still met 80 year olds who are as active (mentally or physically) as anyone.

Personally, I'm looking forward to having long silver hair and adopting an eccentric taste in clothing

Happy Birthday Michelle

Lets hope this birthday turns out better some of
your previous ones have. Remember getting old is only a state of mind.


this is something that i've been thinking about over the past few days.

With respect due to Dr Octagon, Deltron 3030, The Herd and Triple J's Math Man.

I'm suddenly fascinated by the idea of what one of my work colleagues dubbed as "geek rap"

So.. here's the deal, if you feel so inclined, post a short piece of poetry (in any form you desire) with a geek bent.

I'm interested in seeing keywords from operating systems, programming languages, mathematical functions, scientific concepts, references from science fiction etc.

I guess what i'm after is words usually reserved for technology dropped into a non technical framework yet still work.

something like: (yes I know it's a crap example)

frenetic was the clamour of inhumanity

to grok chaos, grep for sanity

meditate upon the individual,

the single bit, an unlikely hero

lost amongst a throng of ones n zeroes

For a better example, refer to the lyrics to Virus by Deltron 3030

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