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There probably won't be many updates to this blog for a little while, I'm trying to convert this site to a new weblog framework MoveableType which recently went to version 2.0, which seemed like a good enough jumping on point for Dave and I. This should not have a huge impact on the end user, although you might want to bookmark as it will be hosting the new blog once I get it working. I do understand the concepts of weblink rot and i'll try and ensure the changeover is fairly transparent with redirectors or somesuch. The reality is that a lot of my hits come through from addresses which are outdated anyway (for example it's been a long time since my ISP was simply, so I may have to break some things.

I'm the king of procrastination, as i've only finally got around to at least updating the look. I like the new look, it doesn't look so great on NS 4, but to be honest I don't really care everyone should have upgraded by now (yes dad that means you as well). Future changes to the layout will see it finally reaching XHTML 1.0 compliance, thus further breaking compatability with old browsers.

The past week has been tough. But that's no excuse for my silence. I thought things would get better after Michelle left (they were pretty tough while she was here). This week, though the world has reminded me that there is much more to life than moping about lost love.

The small things from last week got to me: like getting the first two parking tickets I have ever recieved within 3 days and being stuffed around by real estate agents trying to con me into an overpriced agreement.

However, the events at work on Thursday and Friday slapped me across the face.

Thursday morning, got up bright and early and drove to Daves place. Dave being David Gerrie as opposed to the many other Daves I know.

Dave and I carpool a lot, he gets company on the drive and we split parking costs.

Work was hectic as usual, around 9:30 AM I was in the habit of glancing up every few minutes because I had been asked to be around at 9:30 for a team meeting. Sometime around then, I glanced up and noticed our group manager have a word to Dave following which, Dave got up and followed our manager out the door. I thought this was odd, but was busy with work so dismissed this.

Not long afterwards (about 20 minutes) the team meeting started, instead of being the normal troop into the adjacent meeting room for an hour, this was an informal gathering around the group manager's desk.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but the words "It is my unpleasant duty to inform you that David no longer works for us" was definitely not even on my list! I was really shocked, my thoughts rapidly swam from "what! why?" to "how do I get home?" and "I just had a disagreement with him, jeez i feel bad"

The reasons given were the same as last time, economic slump in our industry, still no sign of recovery etc. I managed to speak to Dave just after this, he had to come back and pack up his desk. He took it well, but it was as much of a surprise to him as it had been to me.

Our group has been hit harder than many others within our division. This is the second reduncancy our small group has had since the layoffs started. That doesn't count the many vacant positions in our group which have been eliminated rather than being re-filled.

Dave, you are a mate, my support is there if you need it. I know we often bickered like a married couple but you made the office a bit lighter and in your absence the oppressive atmosphere has magnified. Maybe this job wasn't the right path, but I know you have left with a great deal more skills than when you started.

Most of all, I wish it had been me instead. There was a lot more you could have got out of the place, wheras, I feel I have accumulated all the knowledge I will ever get from this role.

It may be the stereotype that all computer tech are also madly interested in science fiction and fantasy. However those who love Linux and a bit of role playing should check out this distro.

Sorcerer: Casting spells with a Linux distro

An amusing view of one user's first few weeks with OS X.

I particularly liked the references to the "One True Way" for organisation of applications.

My Very Secret Mac OS X Diary

Silent dance with death. Everything is lost. Torn by the arrival of Autumn. The blink of an eye, you know it's me. You keep the dagger close at hand. And you saw nothing. False love turned to pure hate. The wind cried a lamentation before merging with the grey. Demon of the fall. Gasping for another breath. She rose, screaming at closed doors. Seductive faint mist forging through the cracks in the wall. I shan't resist. In tears for all of eternity. She turned around and faced me for the first time. Run away, run away. Just one second, and I was left with nothing. Her fragrance still pulsating through damp air. That day came to an end. And she had lost in me, her credence.

Opeth/Demon of The Fall

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