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This article really struck true for me, especially after having been presented with repeated "authenticate" dialogs when building OS X systems recently.

Bad coder, no doughnut

This past week was an interesting one all around.

Of foremost importance was the first true "Server" machine to come out of apple's research labs for about 10 years.

Oh yeah, there was also a new release in a 25+ year old sci fi franchise that wasn't half bad either.

So why is this new server so important, why does it have me so excited?

yes I do get excited about every new apple hardware release but at the same time after perusing the tech specs, i often end up feeling short changed.

Yes I know that tech specs do not make a computing experience, however there has always been something small wrong with every single mac introduced since the mythical return of guru steve. As a result, I must admit that even though I am such an ardent mac fan I personally do not own a single new world mac.

In fact the only thing I do own post the second coming is an iPod - the recently released 10 gig version. Which I quite like even though it has a tendancy to lock up mid song every now and again.

why is the Xserve so important? Well I make my living supporting servers. I have supported servers and apps running on HP-UX, Solaris, Tru64, Open VMS, NT, Mac OS 9 and AIX

I see so many things wrong with a lot of the server offerings these days. Most are still SCSI based. Many don't yet support DDR or RDRAM, in many cases the clock speeds languish below desktop offerings, often this is softened by multi processing.

At present I am trying to spec a server for work. Due to strategic alliances, this will most likely be a HP/Compaq server. Also due to the existing code base, this server will run a combination of IIS/Windows, one of the most secuirty challenged combinations I have ever seen.

Of course I would love to recommend an Xserve instead. OS X Server with Apache, mySQL and Chillisofts ASP engine. This would leave enough left over in the kitty to buy a firewire tape backup solution.

I guess the most exciting thing about this new server from Apple is it's a sneak preview of what the next G4 tower will offer.

However there is one thing that is wrong with it, as seems to be a tradition with Apple. It's only supports ATA-100, wheras ATA-133 is the latest revision of this standard. ATA-100 is limited to drives of around 120 Gig, wheras ATA-133 ups this limit.

I know that OS X does not support ATA133 natively yet (Jaguar is rumored to support it), so this may be a feature of Xserve 2.

The most interesting thing is: does the Xserve qualify as the first Mac that will never natively support Mac OS 9? I understand there is little point in running OS 9 on such hardware but it makes an interesting point nonetheless.

This article is a reasonable and not too in depth analysis of the Xserve in comparision to hardware from IBM/Compaq/Sun

I baked sourdough today, the process of growing the starter was fascinating but I was worried about the bread itself not being a success (my prior attempt at sourdough was a failure due to mistaken experimentation with custom bread machine settings)

This time, however it all went right and I have already devoured two thirds of the loaf!

My homemade sourdough starter is not really very sour, instead it has a slight tang to it which seems to just make the bread taste even better

Home cooked rogan josh (with aubergine and potato). A fragrant urad dal and a chunk of wholemeal grain bread.

I really can't think of a better meal, potentially a flat bread (roti perchance) could have been better than the rich and cakelike wholemeal bread.

Rogan Josh originates in the Kashmiri region and is traditionally made with fatty mutton, however the combination of flavours in the sauce (even sans the fatty meat base) is quite unique. It was this dish in which I first recognised the taste of Cardamon and I realised how much I adored it's flavour.

Rogan Josh uses both the Green and Brown varieties of Cardamon and Fennel Seeds to form the major fragrant notes of this wonderful curry.

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