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I am finally satisfied with the layout of my blog.

For a long time, this blog has been a work in progress, updated when and if I had the time.

In the past two days, however I have tamed this little experiment and in the process learnt a lot about CSS and modern page design techniques.

I have been infuriated by weird behaviour in both IE and Mozilla relating to SPAN tags and inheritance.

Now, I have a blog that renders extremely well under IE5.1/Mac, IE6/Win, Opera 6/Win, Mozilla 1.0 and degrades to a boring but functional HTML 3.2 style page under Netscape 4 & text based browsers like lynx and links.

The colour palette is to my personal taste and limited in hues to not overwhelm the viewer. The butterfly motif is back, albeit mutated again.

I have not yet implemented every accesibility feature outlined recently in the 30 days to a more accessible weblog column, but I am now in a solid position to do so.

It's a little known fact that in early drafts of star wars, the force was described as follows:

The Force is composed of two halves, the good one called "Ashla", and the evil one, or paraforce, called the "Bogan".

One wonders how this would have affected the popularity of the trilogy in Australia. I am unsure when the slang term bogan came into popular usage within Australia

Today - Friday 28th June is National Bogan Day as decreed by Triple J

alternatively known as westie, booner, bevan or chigga in your local dialect

For a while now I have been meaning to talk about the uniquely australian term Bogan and it's meaning and implications.

What does Bogan mean? like most slang, it's a malleable word

A bogan typically lives in an outlying surburban area is considered uncultured and lacking in fashion sense (characteristics dress includes the flannelette shirt, tracky dax, ugh boots and the mullet hairstyle)

On the surface, the bogan sounds comical, but they represent one of the few unique cultures remaining in our country.

I think there is a bit of a bogan in all of us.

However, as one born and raised in NSW, I resent the lack of imagination and insular attitude contained within the local slang for a bogan. I'm referring to the term "Westie"

Sydney, being a east coast hugging city that it is makes it natural for the main populace of bogans to live in the west. Sydney's west has long been a rapidly growing frontier where dirt roads and farms are consumed by new developments. Land is cheap, offering plenty of space to raise a family and accommodate the inevitable ever growing collection of cars. The love of which transcends necessity into obsession amongst bogans.

However despite the obvious geographic split making westie an obvious name, it also shows the sydney populace's lack of respect for an essential aspect of their culture. Love or hate them, bogans are a part of the modern day oz culture and the disrespect shown by our most populous state towards them is insulting.

We need a complementary, unique and distinctly australian term to replace "westie" in NSW, possibly something derived from one of the offbeat town names one sees when driving through rural NSW.

It is interesting that sometimes works that trail a revolution are overlooked simply because they did not come first. Innovation often occurs as a result of imitation. Ulver's diverse body of work has always impressed me and although I rarely listen to it, I agree that Nattens Madrigal should be respected as a whole. Maybe the upcoming project to re-interpert this album with strings and electronics will shed a different light on this ode to lycanthropy. In Defense of Ulver's 'Nattens Madrigal'

I want to know, is there anyone out there who meets the following criteria:

a) lives in Sydney
b) enjoys well crafted, quality metal in many forms (all subgenres from grindcore to doom)
c) not a meathead / i.e. can hold a meaningful discussion on wide ranging topics (or to put another way, knows there is a world outside of metal)
d) does not belong in a mental institution (i'm talking about serious mental illnesses here not mild depression or other common and socially compatible illnesses)

If so, drop me a note, there seems to be too few of us around. I want to disprove the perception that metal is for testosterone fuelled mentally unstable meatheads

This week, a milestone in internet based development occurred.

Many said it would never happen, others say it's too late. Regardless it has happened: Mozilla 1.0 shipped!

What does this mean? Is this the first salvo in browser wars #2? Why do I care, IE meets all my needs?

No the browser wars have not started again, yes continue to use IE if you wish.

What the release of Mozilla 1.0 means is:

Standards compliance With IE dominating the mainstream browser industry they have adopted new standards but continued to integrate their own propriety tags. This has lead to a single browser, single platform development mentality from many web designers. Much of this is due to frustration at trying to support netscape 4.x in their code.

Mozilla is more standards compliant than IE6/Win, so it should be possible to develop good clean code for both browsers with little effort.

Embedding IE/Win has been embeddable for a long time. This has allowed other apps which wished to utilise HTML to display content within their app to achieve this with little effort. To a lesser degree it has also allowed other "browsers" to be released which embed parts of IE.

In the mozilla world, embedding has already been used to great advantage, two examples are Konquerer (mozilla's rendering engine gecko embedded within a lightweight KDE framework) and much more recently Chimera/Navigator (a Cocoa wrapper for the gecko engine)

With 1.0, a stable frozen API level has been created, thus creating a giant level playing field for embedding. hey it is rumored that even Netscape parent (AOL) will be embedding parts of Mozilla in their next release of AOL software.

(nearly) Every Platform Mozilla supports a much larger range of platforms, most of which are part of the main source tree and thus built automatically by tinderbox. This includes the mainstays - Win32, Mac OS (OS 9/OSX) and Linux.

However there are also builds available for: BSD, FreeBSD, Open VMS, OS/2, Tru64 Unix

In addition pretty much every other unix based OS will work with Mozilla without too much effort.

Upgrade Point for 4.x users Many users out there still like Netscape 4.x (I don't know why - don't ask me). With Moz 1.0 and the forthcoming Netscape 7 (based on Moz 1.0) a stable upgrae point exists for these Netscape afficinados. Although this new version requires more resources (RAM, Disk, CPU) than Netscape 4.x the benefits of moving forwards 4 1/2 years outweighs this (IMHO)

Party!!!!! For all you Sydney Mozilla fans, there is a party to celebrate it's release Mozilla Party 1.0 - Sydney, Australia in Manly tonight.

For others around the world, go to Mozilla 1.0.0 party locator although as Mozilla came out two days ago, some of the parties may have already occurred.

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