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Tomorrow is System Administrator Appreciation Day

I Wonder if hallmark have jumped onto the bandwagon with a custom designed range featuring geek legends such as Dilbert or the Techno-Talking Babes

Having spent a good portion of my life as a system/app administrator of some form, often enough we don't get any thanks. Sure I get a nice enough salary, but that's only for the work that doesn't fall under the family and friends rate.

A long time ago, I told my then current boss that all I really wanted was a thank you and the opportunity to work on new/interesting projects/technology. These were more important than any extra pay rises or bonuses.

I still turn up at work most days for the pocket money, but the appreciation of my work by my customers has diminished. Getting end-users to say thank you is difficult, however the drudgery of work might be improved by the latest nerf toys.

You have nothing more to find. You have nothing more to loose.

To my mind, I cannot think of something more offensive to tell someone than the above words.

I stand alone on the cliffs of the world.
No one ever tends to me.
Sitting alone covered in grease.
Some things are so my mind can breathe

The waiting is hard
Fucking takes so long
Draped in sun - hands in sand
Earth acid cleanses me, it cleanses me clean
But the world it never comes

It never comes

I lay on my side in the edge of the room
She never expects anything from me
where are all the days - the days of my year
I know I miss that part of me.

I'm greatly anticpating this: As yet untitled twin CD Opeth release Including (finally) a complete mellow CD, which may convert some who are put off by Mikhael's gorgeous growls and screams.

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