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Over the past two evenings i've been making roti, a type of flatbread made with at least 50% besan or chickpea flour.

This has given me a much needed slap in the face, previously my breadmaking had been quite sucessful, but I'd not really tried flatbreads, nor had I cooked with besan flour.

The end result was actually quite tasty, however a little too dry. It is a real challenge working with wet doughs, how to roll them out thinly without them sticking? If you add enough flour to make it managable, then by the time it's cooked you end up with crispbread rather than a soft loaf

When the last iPod update came out just over a month ago, one of the features added was the tracking of play counts and last played date for every song contained on the iPod. This feature is enabled by default and has been profiling my musical habits since the 8/8/02

It has been quite interesting to see my listening patterns. The general trend seems to be divided between the latest purchase and a handful of perennial favourites

Sharing the top spot with 24 listens each are:

Opeth - The Drapery Falls & Prefuse 73 - Point to B

The Drapery Falls is from the Opeth album Blackwater Park which I reviewed recently. It is a sublime track which deceives the listener into a false state of relaxation with a beautiful acoustic passage before midway switching to a brutal yet still melodic style which evolves into percussive syncopated riffage overlaid on a wash of soaring trance filled guitar which gradually draws the lead guitar back into wailing acoustic melodies to close the song.

Lyrically, the following lines frame the intense midsection of the song:

There is failure inside
This test I can't persist
It is the end for the weak at heart
Always the same
A lullaby for the ones who've lost all
Reeling inside
You turn your back and you walk away
Never again

Such is the quality of the growls that accompany this section - intelligible, distinct, deep, powerful and brutal. That I usually growl along, which probably freaks out those who happen to be overhear!

Sharing center stage is a recent addition to the pod, Prefuse 73. In actuality a single individual - Scott Heron, Prefuse 73 mixes glitch and IDM electronica with hip-hop over a base mined from a narrow period (1967-1973) of "Pre Fusion" jazz that gives the album it's name. Throughout the album a common theme is the use of vocals that are reduced to a stuttering, skipping staccato structure that essentially become the beats. This technique reaches its peak in the song Point To B where the beat/vocals coalesce into a glorious percussive cacophony.

Amongst the 50 most played tracks, Opeth and Prefuse 73 feature heavily as do:

El-P, Lovage, RJD2, Bruce Dickinson, Cannibal Ox, Wishbone Ash, Anathema, Arcturus, High Dependency Unit, My Dying Bride, Iron Maiden and Dark Tranquility - Technology | The not-so-sweet success of organic farming
That most organically grown food is packaged and processed -- "until it's a stretch to call it food, much less organic," he says -- further undercuts much vaunted organic claims to benefit human health and the environment.

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