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We all know I like butterflies, hey they are a primay design element in this page.

As a result this article about mechanical aircraft designed by analysing butterflies fascinated me. Butterflies point to micro machines

This is Unique:

Vampire Population Ecology in the Jossverse

Of couse the assumptions behind the math could be wrong but it all seems to make sense at least on the surface.

Joss like JMS before him really has created an incredibly diverse but consistent world to base Buffy in.

Last night, just as I was contemplating retiring for the night, a friend called saying something along the lines of "there's a fire somewhere behind your place, can you see anything from your back balcony? I'll be there in a second."

I couldn't see anything from the back of my place so we hopped in the car to see if we could find out where this fire was coming from. It turned out to be 3 streets away, in a little cul-de sac next to Cardigan street in Camperdown.

As we were standing by, fire crew after crew arrived rapidly in the end we could see about 5 crews, apparently in total 10 crews were involved with fighting the fire.

It was astonishing how quickly the warehouse in which the fire started burned. Within a few short minutes, the only thing left standing was a brick shell, which looked to be holding out when we left. Aparrently it eventually collapsed and about 200 nearby residents were evacuated due to concerns about portions of the walls falling onto their adjacent properties.

Using my digi cam, Salv took quite a few pictures, most of which suffered from the inevitable shaky long exposure syndrome, which in some cases produced interesting results.

The ever present big mac glowing through the haze

A rapid inferno

Click the links for more images ::

Engines arrive amid the smoke haze

Fire fighters discuss strategy

Blaze rages on

The below article from kuro5hin echos a lot of my own personal feelings about games. All too often these days people get caught up in the technology wow factor and forget about the long term picture. Every few years I still power up an emulator to allow me to play Lode Runner.

Long-term game replayability?

Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors

Who would have thought? A singalong black metal keyboard driven album replete with hooks and catchy sections, yet somehow managing not to sell out. What band could ask for a better swan song?

Not many groups could manage this, however Arcturus are not your everyday Black Metal band.

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