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One album I've been listening to quite a bit recently is the Neurosis & Jarboe collaboration. Now I've known of Neurosis for many years - but wasn't particularly enamoured with them. However as a band they have matured and now produce a much sparser sound that still resonates with sheer heaviness.

The same goes for The Swans - the now defunct band which featured Jarboe on vocals. Could understand how many artists considered them as influences but their work was not always to my tastes

Maybe my preferences have evolved - well actually definitely. However this collaboration between two masters of bleak soundscapes is a work of art. Neurosis lay an excellent brooding tribal foundation, over which Jarboe effortlessly lays an amazing range of vocal styles from ethereal to gloriously twisted. Much use is made of electronics, found sounds and noise.

On the negative side, the earlier part of the album is stronger - and the lyrics are a bit trite in some places. Regardless, still an outstanding release and one that reveals it's true beauty after many listens.

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A long time ago, a younger, angrier me - complete with a different nickname - Bob - Idolised the thrash metal trio of Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer

I knew every lyric to most of Metallica's songs by heart and could be found wandering the school grounds blasting their music most of the time.

Looking back, mush of this is so obviously misplaced teen angst which was already fading by the time I turned down an opportunity to cram into an already full car for an eight hour drive to Sydney on the eve of my HSC to see Metallica play live. Instead I preferred to ace the trial of passage that was the HSC so I could get out of my small town birthplace and see some of the world.

Now my only regret about missing this gig was that I missed an opportunity to see Kyuss at the peak of their musical career, now they are sadly long defunct.

Since then I have not even considered the opportunity to see Metallica live - writing them off as has-beens and my interest in them as terminally dead. Not even their return to a heavier sound with their latest album interested me enough to do more than a passing listen.

However with their headlining this years big day out festival, I finally gave into my morbid curiosity and my considered opinion is "they didn't suck"

Probably would not see them again and have decided that they will never live up to the greatness of their peak - the period spanning the last Burton album and the first Newstead album - ie Master of Puppets, Garage Days, Justice for All

One can only hope that one day the masters will be brushed off and remixed and "And Justice For All" will be recognised for the amazing release that it is. Finally bringing it up to the level of respect long accorded to Master Of Puppets.

In quite amazing news, especially so soon after the shows 40th anniversary yet another episode of who has been found and returned to the BBC.

Ep 2 of Dalek Master Plan Found

This brings the total of missing episodes down to 108, but realistically the chance of finding much more is slim. It's been 5 years since the last episode turned up. The junking started in 1972 and lasted five years when in 1978 the tally was 146 episodes completely lost. By 1981 the count was down to 136.

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