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well my travel plans are

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well my travel plans are starting to take form. I have paid for my airline ticket and purchased tix to the Inferno festival

This covers one of the bands on my "must see live" list - Enslaved. Other bands on this list are: Katatonia and The Gathering - both these acts are only playing festivals at this point and I would much prefer to see them in a more intimate venue.

At this point I will be out of the country from 3rd April to 6th September and my plane ticket takes me to the following cities - Bangkok, Oslo, Istanbul, Munich, San Francisco

It's been stinking hot here

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It's been stinking hot here recently, as the end of summer always is. Yesterday I decided I'd make some iced tea - which is always wonderful in hot weather. Somehow I settled on a tea called chilli kiss (chilli, cinnamon and black tea) for this. It's a strange but refreshing experience drinking something ice cold that has a firey aftertaste, somewhat akin to drinking some spirits. Makes me even more keen to dabble in making chilli ice cream at some point.

Well we knew this was

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Well we knew this was coming, but few expected it so soon. Angel has been cancelled by WB as of the end of the season.

Despite this being the first post Buffy season, and ratings increasing by 36% WB is not happy with the results and has decided to end the show at the end of this year.

Many of my friends who watched Buffy religiously had already lost interest in Angel so this news comes as little surprise. Angel Season 3 & 4 were both quite bad overall, the thing that kept me watching was the addition of some enjoyable supporting actors, particularly Amy Acker (Fred) and Andy Hallett (The Host).

In Oz we have only seen one episode of season 5 Angel - which failed to impress, so if the first half of the season is just as bad then it's no wonder the show was canned.

Here's hoping that this will be the kick in the pants Joss needs to get the remaining episodes of Angel season 5 up to Buffy quality and end on a high note.

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