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had a lovely weekend, Helen came to visit for the weekend and together with Astrid we have been doing some lovely stuff this weekend. Bondi (for sculptures by the sea) yesterday, breakfast in Potts Point today, Manly this arvo followed by drinks in the Rocks and dinner in Glebe.
Exhausted now but need to stay up and try and bake my accidental bread recipe.

I was saddened to read a short footnote in the paper yesterday about the passing of John Peel

As someone who loves music, I had a lot of respect for John although having never lived in the UK. it's not like I grew up listening to his shows or anything.

Regardless, his contribution to promoting bands that would shake up the playing field of popular music was vital.

The blog has been silent for too long, mostly due to the arrival of Astrid, a Nowegian friend I met whilst on my travels.

I've been busy playing tour guide and eating out a bit too much!

Highlight of her visit so far was last Saturday which culminated in seeing the amazing Darren Hanlon perform at the Metro

Tonight we ate dinner at a lovely Indian restaurant in Newtown - Trishas, which has been on my must eat at list for 2 years and yet I finally got around to dining there! The quality and service was excellent, the cooking was tasty indian food that for once didn't heavily and revisit which is rare even in the more up-market places.

My only complaint - when I first saw their menu two years back and mentally decided I must eat there, they had doasi on the menu. No longer, and when I enquired, the response indicated the menu had been slimmed down as they only had one chef. Thankfully a very talented one at that!

Over the past week or so I have been playing with my long term goal of creating a unique yeast based coconut bread.

Most coconut breads are actually made like cakes using a non yeast raising agent (usually baking powder) in what the Americans call "quick breads"

So, trying a recipe for a yeast based banana bread I adapted this for coconut, then being too busy left the dough in the fridge - intending to bake the next day

A week later, finally got around to working on the dough, which was treated as pre-ferment and supplemented with fresh flour and water. Plus the odd addition of some sourdough pre-ferment to the commercially yeasty mix.

The end result was to my mind successful, with hints of sweet and tangy, flavoured with a medium scent of coconut and a soft crumbly texture due to the liberal addition of desiccated coconut

Me mate Dave however who happened to be present when the bread came out of the oven had a different opinion "I like my coconut bread sweet". He did however suggest I try this approach with orange rind. Having saved some of the coconut dough from the prior batch, I tried just that last night and had great fun making oddly shaped doughs. The bread itself was almost too complex, with too many flavours vying for attention if I were to make it again, I would go for a lot less zest, it is amazing how strong that stuff is!!

Over the past twelve months I have repeatedly raved about the french black metal act "Blut Aus Nord" who I discovered thanks to the lovely people on the Nectar mail list which is supposed to be all about Opeth but usually diverges on to music of many different metal persuasions.

Since then, I have come to the conclusion that I had been ignoring the french metal scene far too much!

Whilst in the US, I did some serious browsing at Aquarius (an excellent repository of obscure music) and picked up a CD by another underground black metal act from France - with the slightly corny name of Deathspell Omega.

What is not so corny is the music on their latest release "Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice" which brings a fresh approach to the mostly tired genre.

Opening with what can only be described as gregorian chants satanic style, before kicking into more traditional black metal territory. Keeping things more midpaced allows Deathspell Omega incorporate plenty of unusual elements that menace and unsettle yet the band manage to make it all work

Like blut aus nord and other more cerebral black metal releases, this is a study in disharmony and at times atonality and although not as groundbreaking as blut aus nord it is still an impressively solid release.

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