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On a less statistical basis, my personally biased best albums of 2004 would go as follows:

  1. Blut Aus Nord The Work Which Transforms God
  2. Enslaved Isa
  3. Darren Hanlon Little Chills
  4. Neurosis The eye of every storm
  5. ISIS Panopticon
  6. Deathspell Omega Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice
  7. Madvillain Madvillainy
  8. Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans
  9. The Fall The Real New Fall
  10. Mclusky The Difference Between Me and You Is I'm Not On Fire

You know, what is the point of having a mobile if you don't use/answer it it reasonable hours.

I'm at the point now where if I get the voicemail of some of my close friends/family I get furious - because I know it's a waste of time me leaving a message. I never get called back, or if I do it's always too late.

Sure others have to work and live their life - I try and be understanding however it gets frustrating when I don't get the return calls.

Maybe I'm just using mobiles the wrong way, but it's ironic the only person I managed to get into contact with had long ago decided to abandon their mobile and yet that has made little difference to my ability to contact him.

Communications is a huge thing for me, hey I work for a phone company - but I see voicemail as one of the most useless tools ever invented, as nobody bothers to follow messages up, and the only winner is the phone company laughing all the way to the bank.

Purchased Isis/Panopticon today, the packaging is gorgeous and similar yet distinctly different to Oceanic - artwork is as always designed by the band's singer and driving force: Aaron Turner

Oceanic used a matte, thick and rough paper that suggested and organic feel. However panopticon uses an ultra reflective and glossy photo type paper. Polar opposites really.

The image printed onto this lovely glossy paper is a 360 degree panorama of a city from the air - very much in tune with the theme of the album.

Now I have the CD - I need to give it some serious play time in preparation for their first ever Oz tour in Feb 2005

Bron alerted me to the tragic news that one of my generations metal icons had his life curtailed when he was shot at close range repeatedly whilst performing on stage in Columbus Ohio.

I was never a particular fan of Pantera, but appreciated them musically - just had an issue with the misogynist attitudes purveyed by their frontman Phil Anselmo. However: Dimebag (Darrell Abbott), the band's lead guitarist I had utmost respect for and it was he who was literally gunned down whilst performing in his post Pantera band DamagePlan.

Its simply horrible that this could happen to anyone, especially someone who has contributed significantly to the evolution of the US metal scene.

As the details around this event unfurl, it appears that the shooter was a disgruntled fan who blamed Dimebag for the breakup of Pantera. Very much so shades of John Lennon who was shot buy a similarly crazed fan exactly (to the day) 24 years prior.

As the year reaches it's end I realise I should list my favourite albums of 2004.

  1. Enslaved Isa
  2. Darren Hanlon Little Chills
  3. Orphaned Land Mabool
  4. RJD2 Since we last spoke
  5. Madvillain Madvillainy
  6. Neurosis The eye of every storm
  7. Borknagar Epic
  8. The Streets A grand don't come for free
  9. Savath & Savas Apropa't
  10. Tribute To Dead Can Dance The Lotus Eaters
  11. Deathspell Omega Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice
  12. Einstürzende Neubauten Perpetuum Mobile

Only albums released in 2004 rated I used Excel to normalise each album's ranking to avoid a single song bumping an entire album up the list, however this still doesn't accurately represent my actual faves of the year just what I listened to a lot - in the case of stuff like Apropra't this was useful background music so is probably much higher up the list than it should have been

Also if one includes Blut Aus Nord's The Work Which Transforms God (2003 release in France, I had it in November 2003 but mid 2004 worldwide release). It surges to #1

Was seriously disappointed by RJD2's second album and I guess the heavy playing of this is an attempt to see if I liked it more.

Overall it suggests as I suspected that 2004 was an extremely poor year for music, particularly after the number of sterling releases for 2003

I soured on the doom/gothic scene in the mid 90s as the established bands got boring and the new up and coming acts just were not original enough to keep the scene evolving.

nearly 10 years later, i am suprised to find myself playing a gothic metal cd quite reqularly. Last year's debut by French band "The Old Dead Tree" but after hearing the their first album "The Nameless Disease" I am willing to look past the less than compelling name!

A concept album about a serious topic - Suicide, has the potential to be a gloomy and morose affair. Amazingly it is instead a sincere, honest and solid release. Outanding for a debut and well worth many a listen.

The end of 2004 has been quite exciting music wise, normally by this time of the year I am inwardly dreading being subjected to bad pop music at xmas parties and the expected rush job best of albums aimed at the last minute present buyer. Followed by the dry period post festive season where no one bothers to put anything out whatsoever.

Instead, two of my favourite bands have edged out the christmas trash with new releases in the dying weeks of the year.

I've already gone into far too much detail over the latest icy release from Enslaved, which is still getting it's daily pounding on my iPod. However shortly the guys from Haugersund may need to make way for the newie from Isis.

Isis's last album Oceanic really blew me away, it's marine theme really came through in the shimmering and dramatic compositions that captivated my attention.

For those of you who have not heard Isis, they can be reasonably accurately compared to Neurosis and The Swans but these more dark industrial and post hardcore references detract from the solid metal influence that underpins the band.

I've yet to listen to their just released 3rd album - but it's all encompassing title Panopticon and reviews which suggest a subtle evolution from Oceanic indicate I will be in for a pleasant journey when I do get my hands on Panopticon

Had to work relatively early today (6AM) and as I was commuting thru the city at 5:30 I realised something odd - here I was going to work and I was passing pubs still hopping from the night before. Quite a surreal experience and I was tempted to pop in for a pint, but knowing how few connecting buses were around at that time I wisely decided to just get into work before my outage window ran out.

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