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Today is the day of the Tyger - Mac OS X 10.4

The hype has been quite big with this release, particularly referencing the ability of Apple to deliver powerful new features on time unlike the watered down feature drain and slipping ship-date of Microsoft's Longhorn

I'll write more about Tiger after it becomes officially available in Oz - a few hours from now.

However as usual, John Siracusa does an excellent analysis of 10.4 at ArsTechnica.

I've found a lot that is interesting in the article, and not suprisingly from the metadata crusader, John goes into great detail about the new kernel level metadata support and the metadata aware search technology that is Spotlight.

Many of the CDs I am eager to hear at the momemnt are eluding me.

Either their release date is continually slipping (Ulver, Solefald) or they haven't yet leaked onto the net (Drums of Death, Noveau Gloaming etc)

About the only new release I have managed to track down is the latest from Crowbar - Lifesblood for the Downtrodden.

In typical Crowbar fashion, this latest release is a sludgecore heavy hitter - redolant with doom. Maybe it's lacking a little of the naive vitality of the first two Crowbar albums from the early 90s but still a solid return to form.

American metal has fundamental differences to that from the shores of Europe and this in itself makes Crowbar quite unique. Like every other doom band, they reference Sabbath as is essential for the genre, but the southern lousiana influences impart a swing and slight groove - something that is stronger on their latest - potentially due to the long term influence of other southern metal acts most importantly Pantera. Rex Brown of Pantera contributes bass and produced the album.

Procured the latest Blut Aus Nord EP today - Thematic Emanation of Archetypal Multiplicity

Eager to hear this as The Work Which Transforms God made it onto best of 2003 & 2004 for me

Initial listens suggest this is more of an ambient house cleaning rather than a profound piece of art like The Work Which Transforms God was

However as with everything this far off the map of conventional music - I can't give a considered opinion until I have really given this a good listen.

Mindi passed this article on to me - talking about that perennial underdog - Dave Mustaine. Mindi commented that he never thought he would see a newspaper like the Herald report on a metal act like Megadeth.

Must be a slow week in entertainment.

Would have loved to have seen Mustaine play - but the gig sold out before I could decide if it was worth the overpriced $70+ tickets


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There are times in my life when some music is quintessentially important to me.

Right now i'm quite depressed - things are askew in my life. I need to turn this around.

However when I am in this state, one of the few things that cheers me up is the ultra bleak music of Katatonia, it is cusom made for moods like the one I am in now.

Last night i finally procured a CD copy of Primordial's The Gathering Wilderness.

The packaging is nice, with a gold ink used throughout for the text and muted imagery.

I got my transcription of the lyrics completely wrong to "The Coffin Ships" - partly because part of that song is a quote from a tribute written on a grave in County Cork and thus uses older language forms I wasn't expecting in a modern song.

The album notes thank Negura Bunget (Romanian Forest/Black Metal) and also dedicates the album in part to Quothorn. This further re-inforces the global bond between pagan metal acts.

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