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Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of Astrid and I meeting.

We met on a train, from Prague to Krakow - an 8 hour journey which allowed me plenty of time to pry Astrid away from the trashy Danish magazine she was using as a shield.

A year on, many plane trips back and forth from Norway, Astrid is finally here in Sydney for the long term.

Had grand plans to go away for a romantic weekend, but then I was stricken by my second cold of the winter - (that's what 3 summers in a row does for your immunity). So plans were scaled back as I wasn't up to hours of driving.

Celebrations were simple, breakfast at Bronte, shopping in Oxford St and dinner at Aki's the new upmarket sister restaurant to the venerable Abhi's - which has long held the crown for best Indian food in Sydney.

Akhi's was good - the entree's and chef's complimentary aperitifs were outstanding - but the mains were too salty. Maybe my cold came in the way of enjoyment a bit. I know I should have been able to taste more.

Astrid had a lovely Chardonnay from Tasmania and I tried , for the first time - Pinot Noir also from Tassie - quite nice.

Next time I go there I will take my Mum and Helen, and make sure I order the Baghara Baigan (a royal eggplant dish from the hyderabadi region) - which I have cooked myself a few times and want to compare notes on how good my attempt is.

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