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For the past two or so months I have been regularly listening to a rough edit entitled Legions which was an excellent teaser for Antimatter's third album - Planetary Confinement.

With the album released recently, I procured a copy via The End Records - and have given it an eager cursory listen.

My initial impression is this is quite a magnificent album - with Legions not being the standout track (which was my expectation) instead I am quite pleased to find that other tracks are also excellent.

Until this album, Antimatter were a duo - with each writing and recording individually in separate countries and then merging the results when time came to compile an album. Planetary Confinement marked the last of three albums produced in this fashion.

Antimatter will continue - but Duncan has decided to move on, hopefully without the tension that surrounded his departure from Anathema many years back.

Even after a few weeks, I am still finding a lot to enjoy about this album. With every release they have got softer, more acoustic, less electronic. In many other bands this would be an unfortunate sell-out, for Antimatter it's has had the opposite effect, creating an organic yet melancholy masterpiece.

There is a distinct difference between the songs written and recorded by Mick and those by Duncan, with Duncan's songs generally offering colder production and featuring female vocals. This tonal juxtaposition however is also very beneficial to the overall album.

Like much of the music I review, this won't appeal to all, but for those who appreciate quality music with a huge dose of melancholy this album is highly recommended.

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