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At the airport in Hong Kong, just got off the 12 hour flight from heathrow which was a relative breeze compared to all the pointless queing I have been doing today. I know the English are born to queue but the time it took me to transfer from one terminal to another this morning was an absolute joke. Somehow we managed to get stuck in a traffic jam on the tarmac. Due to the jam when we got to terminal 3 we found that there were 3 other busloads of passegers who were all in the same situation. So the line up for yet another x-ray session was astronomical. I had t and a half hourse at heathrow, yet barely managed to make my plane in time (despite my first plane being 10 minutes early!!!)

I'll be back in Sydney tonight, looking forward to some food and my own bed.

New Year Tucker

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Tried to make black sticky rice as a dessert for a new years eve dinner we attended. It didn't work out, mostly cause I underestimated the time it would take.

Tried again today, and was a bit more successful, couldn't seem to get the rice perfectly cooked - it was still a bit on the chewy side.

Was delicious though, with canned mango (decent fresh ripe mango is impossible in Norway!) and a sweet coconut sauce.

Still have some left over, so when the shops open tomorrow - I'll buy some more coconut milk and try again.

Godt Nytt År

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We spent new years eve with some friends of Astrids - had dinner with them before wandering up to a nearby hill where everyone was heading to let off their fireworks.

Yep, fireworks are legal here (although only sold for the two days before new year). The fireworks were fun and I let off a few myself. I was careful but some of the younger types were out of control - letting fireworks off where they weren't supposed and such. A friend Espen remarked that if they continue to behave like this, in 5 years fireworks will be banned here as well.

After midnight, we went back to Espen's place and partied till the wee hours. Had a quiet new years day catching up on sleep and relaxing.

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