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Mid-week when work was really starting to frustrate me, I decided that we needed to get away this weekend. Wanted to do something romantic and nice.

I knew Darren was playing some gigs at the moment, had been annoyed to miss him and the reborn avalanches at the saint jerome laneway festival early in March.

So looked at the web and found he was playing a gig in Katoomba friday night, thought that would be nice. I'd already taken Astrid up to the mountains mid last year (just after the insane thing that is julefest/christmas in july).

Thought it was time to revisit the mountains and I needed a live fix, a good gig - which Darren never disappoints on.

Have to say, the Clarendon has anywhere I've been in sydney beat for this, maybe aside from the Vanguard. The combination of dinner, drinks and a good show isn't unique but they have a lovely intimate space for this - and also offer accomodation, something lacking from the places that do the dinner/show thing in Sydney.

So we enjoyed Darren in minimalist mode - no drummer and only occasional piano accompaniment he played a very different mix of songs live, including a few real oldies that aren't heard much any more. Plus he previewed four songs from the yet to be recorded new album. One is a triple-j sure fire high rotation candidate, and another could become a live favourite.

After the show we hung around in the lounge area and made friends, chatted a bit to Darren and had a lovely night. We're all a bit hungover this morning at breakfast which was suprisingly good. Hopefully our fuzzy heads will clear soon - maybe a nice bushwalk is what is needed to facilitate that.

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