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Farewell Lise

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On Monday morning I got a distraught call from Astrid, after she struggled to fight back the tears a little she managed to say "Lise is dead".

I was shocked by this and I could tell Astrid was completely devestated by the news. The night before Astrid had got home from work and had excitedly told me how despite it being a busy shift, she was glad she had a chance to work with Lise again. Lise had said she was exhausted as she was on the second half of a double shift, but the two of them had a good chat A few hours later in the middle of the night Lise passed away from a heart attack, she was only 42.

Astrid would often say about Lise that even though on the surface they were quite different, deep down they thought the same way, shared the same sense of humour. In essence, they were soul mates. I know Astrid would always look forward to a shift when Lise would also be working.

Every time I met Lise, she was warm and welcoming, quite a contrast to many Norwegians who seem to be quite cold initially.

She was such a crazy, fun and full of life woman and I enjoyed immensely the small amount of time I was able to spend with her. I too will miss her, but not in the same way as Astrid who lost a soul mate this week.

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