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Dave writes about apples - in particular the pink lady, which is not a bad apple at all. He also talks about the Jazz variety which I found in the local upmarket supermarket a while back. I found them nice, but not so much to rave about. It could have been the growing climate - France, or just the supermarket imposed flavour destruction via cold storage and shipping , I bought them because I miss the quality Braeburns from back home.

It made me realise that Apple season is just around the corner over here - and it might be a good idea to prioritise that decent oven before it arrives. I wrote about baking with of one of the true classic apples last autumn - the Danish Gravenstien.

Well, after a little bit of indecision - it seems that I will end up seeing Immortal twice this year, as I am off to Bergen's Hole in the Sky festival (for the second year in a row). This time I will not be going solo, somehow I managed to procure three tickets to a technically sold out show.

So it's Immortal & Kreator all in a single night, wow. I do admit that last year's line up maybe offered a little more in the early bands of the evening, but it should be a fun Saturday night out anyway.

Well, yet another update to the blog engine, and yes a few more bugs fixed i've already noticed a few things that now work.

Don't think I will have much time to play with the blog for a few days. But the next big step is to get all my images registered as assets with the blog engine. Right now this looks to be an entirely manual process, which means it might just take months. Oh well.

Whilst I am still on the return path, I have re-uploaded buckets of images that languished on my local disk when I migrated my blog from the previous hosting company to the one I currently use. These images included most of the missing ones from my blog posts relating to my travels in 2004. In conjunction with another web server tweak, I have managed to mangle these images all into one place, whereas they were all over the place before. Despite the re-org, all should work fine. If not please let me know!

Found another strange bug with movable type also that left stray mentions of the number one thousand in blog entries. I think I have rooted these all out and cleaned up a few spelling mistakes in the process.

Finally I managed to retrieve a long lost blog posting that never ever got published before today (mostly due to the missing images thing), so here you go - Some pictures from the Ottoman Palace

Well, I just brought back some old content - that had languished, partly due to lack of time and also partly due to confusion about the exact things one could do legally with a personal movable type license.

Now MT4 seems to have made it clear I can do most things as long as it's non commercial, I have resurrected a second blog mostly for archival purposes. Surprisingly, even though the content has been offline for at least a year - I still get hits in my site logs requesting some of these pages.

So, in a blast of ResEdit nostalgia let me welcome back Mac Hacking, a site that was first created in the heyday of ResExcellence but was pretty much a non-starter as dynamic sites like Mac OS X Hints came to prominence providing a more collaborative focus and shorter more concise tips.

To keep those coming in on very old links from search engines happy, I have set up redirects to the new location for this blog. Please contact me if you experience any problems (aside from commenting, which I think is a MT4 beta problem). Also some MOSS preview pages don't yet work (these date back to before I was even using Movable Type) as I am still trying to work out the best way to make them work again.

Well, I upgraded to the hot off the press MT4b7 this evening. Turns out the issue I was experiencing was a bug (hey it's a beta, what do you expect), but it's all good in beta 7 so far. My permalinks appear to be mostly intact.

And yes I've chosen to use one of the built-in templates from MT4, to be honest many of them (as minimialist as they are) just looked a lot bland. So I went for the slightly more twee look of my old hometown cityscape. [on a side note, it's nice to see that they got aurora place in there, we wouldn't want the skyline to look so 10 years ago] Once the whole platform stabilises, it will be back to a nicer stylesheet.

Things I'm not sure about in MT4 include the switch to hyphens rather than underscores in permalinks, the reasons being search engines somehow like it more. The thing is underscore is not only so oldschool computing it also seems to substitute for the perpetually_computer_choking space character much better than the joining-words-together hyphen does.

I have fixed that issue by refreshing my templates with those provided by default in MT4. The only problem I can still see is that my per category pages are broken. This is not a surprise as I did some funky stuff in MT3 to make these work, and I need to understand both the new template structure of MT4 and possibly also test out some URL rewrite rules to ensure things work the same as before. I'm slightly worried about deadlinks, but it's not like this site gets a lot of traffic.


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It's been a long time since I touched this site and it desperately needs a back-end upgrade. Nothing much will change on the front end sorry (although yes Mindi, one day soon I plan on sitting down and fixing all my images so those in old posts work (where the images still exist).

Update is done - seem to have a problem with one of the autogenerated built-in CSS files being absent. So I guess I have some fiddling to do now to tweak the updated backend to suit my needs. Back on the cutting edge (beta land), feels weird - hopefully should prompt me to keep this more up to date in the future.

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