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Praha so far

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Visiting Prague again has been interesting, the last time I was here I met Astrid and my life has been different ever since. However in truth I was not that impressed with Prague last time but acknowledged that I was suffering from an overdose of cosy historic towns. My experiences further south had ruined me as I was already accustomed to many of the things Prague offered. Italy had given me great art, fantastic food and Illy coffee. Slovenia had offered so much in such a small and accessible country. This time around I discovered a different city, transformed by my time in Norway I had very different expectations to last time when maybe I had been given over-realistic ideas of what to expect.

My needs have been simplified by Norway, I have got used to bad coffee, no vego food options whatsover, bad overpriced beer and cheap drunks on expensive alcohol.

However I have also been educated in "cosy" as an attitude for getting through long cold winters.

Also I better understand the pre Christian concept of Yule and how deeply it informs the Northern European version of Christmas

So keeping all of this in mind helps explain why one who dislikes Christmas so much actually enjoyed strolling through the yule markets in Prague.

We have not done too much touristy things this time around mostly focused on relaxing and enjoying ourselves in a cosy and romantic city.

What Prague had in store for me was romance but at the time that was unbenownst to me.

This time around my perspective is different, now a married man and accustomed to life in Norway.

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