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when in rome

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I bought a breadbaking book last week, in the hopes of reviving my dormant baking love - it has proved to be fantastic reading but given the price of good quality breadmaking flour in Malaysia.

So I'm going to take the when in rome attitude and focus on cooking Nyona food - which is to me the pinnackle of Malay cooking.

The locals would disagree in a way - unless they came from that background, they prefer the street foods like nasi lemak (which is a great breakfast)

For those who have not already heard. I am in Malaysia for the next 5 weeks or so. It is for work so not really a holiday.I reckon I will be doing close to 50 hours a week work. Which is nothing compared with what I ended up doing on hard projects in Optus (there 12 hour days for 6 days in the week were not uncommon)

So have had some free time to look around and kind of like what I see. I am in the cbd district the so called golden triangle. Which is mostly overpriced and western. Checked out Chinatown yesterday it was a giant disappointment. The people are nice though. Vego food is more difficult to find than in say Thailand but still it can be located. The food generally less chilli than Thai but is still good.

Surprised at how moderate they are for a majority Muslim population.

My preferred msic genre - Black Metal is banned though. I guess that ban is as ineffictive as the ban on pornography and pirated DVDs which I saw plenty of in Chinatown yesterday.

Had my birthday drinks with work colleagues on Friday night but realistically I was the only one drinking as the Muslim Malay and Christian Indians don't drink. That left me and one petite Chinese girl who had one drink before taking off leaving me throwing back the beers solo. Not much fun to drink solo really.

The things I have been enjoying the most is real food and Aussie items in the supermarkets.

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