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I should have listened to my friend Richard more, he gave me good advice but unable to find an easy way to act on it, I ignored it.

I'm talking about Verona, where I currently am. I was interested in seeing this place, as they had an intact Roman arena, which was still used for performances to this day. There was also the whole Romeo and Juliet was set here thing but not being a huge romantic, i wasn't that keen on this (and in retrospect, I'm glad)

Well, Salv had raved about the place, but supposedly this was based on hanging out in the Uni district, which i've yet to see. Rich was a little more realistic.

As with most places, I tried to balance affordability with being close to the transport as I don't relish lugging my backpack further than I have to. So I got a place to stay within spitting distance of the main railway station. I'd seen the map in the guidebook and realised that this was still a fair way from the city centre, but.. none of the places closer were affordable on my last minute schedule.

The place i picked was excellent, as a place to stay, nice friendly and good service with a focus on being environmental. However it was in the middle of nowhere, which pretty much describes the whole central station area.

I got changed and decided to go out to grab a meal, check out the sights by night and try and meet some locals. Was even thinking of trying to get to this fabled "uni" area.

However my plans were squashed by a rash of stupid decisions and small mistakes.

Returning to the railway station, i found where to take buses to the centre from, but the ticket machines were broken... Not thinking clearly, I decided i'd walk instead.

However I misread the maps (and shame on the lonely planet for not extending their map to the railway station) and ended up walking away from the centre instead of towards it. I could tell I was in a really seedy area, but foolishly kept on walking thinking I'd come to the city eventually. After walking about 3 kilometres, I gave up grabbed a takeaway pizza and beer from the only food shop I'd seen aside from MacDonald's and walked back to my accommodation.

The walk itself was an eye opener, seeing about 4 prostitutes plying their trade and one guy shooting up. Definitely bringing me back to the real world after the otherworldly experience of Venice.