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Well, I just brought back some old content - that had languished, partly due to lack of time and also partly due to confusion about the exact things one could do legally with a personal movable type license.

Now MT4 seems to have made it clear I can do most things as long as it's non commercial, I have resurrected a second blog mostly for archival purposes. Surprisingly, even though the content has been offline for at least a year - I still get hits in my site logs requesting some of these pages.

So, in a blast of ResEdit nostalgia let me welcome back Mac Hacking, a site that was first created in the heyday of ResExcellence but was pretty much a non-starter as dynamic sites like Mac OS X Hints came to prominence providing a more collaborative focus and shorter more concise tips.

To keep those coming in on very old links from search engines happy, I have set up redirects to the new location for this blog. Please contact me if you experience any problems (aside from commenting, which I think is a MT4 beta problem). Also some MOSS preview pages don't yet work (these date back to before I was even using Movable Type) as I am still trying to work out the best way to make them work again.