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Jens, Bjørn and I are off to enjoy Immortal and Kreator at the Hole in the Sky festival.

This will be magical as this is Immortal's home town.

In a very old school approach I just burned 7 cds of music for the pre/after party at our accommodation, seems so odd to do in this day and age of iPhones and iPods - but no one had a portable stereo that could play more than ordinary CDs

Looks to be a long day, so I should rest some more, Immortal won't finish till 2 or 3 in the morning from past experience.

Personally I am just as excited to see Kreator. When I moved to Sydney 13 years ago, the first thing I saved for was a stereo and after 3 months I had enough for one, but had no CDs to go with it (the ones I already had were still back at my parents 7 hours drive away) so I bought a second hand copy of Kreator - Renewal. Which was at the time still their latest album. The year before I had pretty much worn out my cassette version as this was one of the key albums that got me through rigours of the HSC year.

Of course for most people the glory days had already faded by then for Kreator, but I think they overlook a great album full of death and industrial metal influences tightly bonded to the thrash core that is Kreator.