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Well decided some culture would settle my roiling stomach, so went to the national gallery and nearby museum. Both were free and quite good, saw the Norwegian equivalent of the Mona Lisa - Edvard Munch's The Scream and quite a few other works by Munch. His art in the period during which the Scream was composed was obviously a major influence on the colours and form used by one of my favourite comic artists: Dean Ormston

The museum had a lot more pre-Christian artefacts which was good, despite coming late to Norway - around 1000 AD it seems that the Norwegians are not very interested in anything that pre-dates it, aside from the occasional tacky troll figurine or horned Viking helmet in a tourist shop.

True Norway wasn't the sole home of the Vikings nor did they build a huge civilization like say the Romans so the archaeological evidence might be harder to find but they played an important role in history which the native population seems disinterested in.